About the Bludga

Ben Willis is a member of New World soccer’s great unwashed. An athletic heretic who chose to worship the pagan gods of soccer in place of the New World sporting deities of the country of his birth, Australia. He played at a semi-serious amateur level of competition until injuries put that idea to bed. In the meantime, he attended university where he discovered and explored interests in English literature, journalism, business and communications. At the age of 15 he secured the first of what would accumulate into several stints of gainful employment at various levels within the business hierarchy in sports and outdoor stores. The 15 subsequent years spent in the field provided useful insights into business management practices and customer behavior. A veteran of seven World Cups, in the critically important spectator role, Ben has been a part of the collective in pursuit of New World soccer legitimacy since 1987. This is his contribution to the cause.

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