The single, greatest incentive for New World soccer to seize control of its direction and exert the maximum possible level of influence on the sport at a global level into the future is relevance. If the Old World mega-clubs continue to have their way, New World soccer domestic leagues are about to run out of it. The grandest and most prestigious Old World soccer clubs have already begun to establish their brands throughout the New World and more plan to follow in their wake. Their intent is occupation, not cooperation. Old World soccer has never had the influence over established and potential New World soccer fans as it enjoys today. Far from an accident, it is a determined strategy on the Old World’s part to profit from an underutilized market. The good news is, this concerted push on the part of the Old World big dogs into New World stomping grounds across the globe suggests there’s room within the New World entertainment industry for soccer to thrive. Whether the space exists for New World and Old World cohabitation is far less certain.

Each summer these Old World juggernauts pounce upon the opportunity to parade their expensive stable of thoroughbreds before the New World in a comprehensive publicity campaign. Veiled behind the guise of a series of exhibition matches, their explicit intent is to expand the profile of their Old World brands before the impressionable, dare I say hungry, soccer minds of the New World. They claim to come in peace but their designs are far from philanthropic. Their goal is to identify and plunder New World resources–athletes and audiences.

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