The omission of women’s soccer from the New World Soccer Conundrum was a conscious decision, not an oversight. The focus of inquiry for the book was aimed at men’s soccer due entirely to the sport’s unfortunate circumstances in two exceptional sporting nations. The women’s version of the beautiful game is an entity unto itself and should be acknowledged as such. If one doesn’t already exist, the state of women’s soccer in the US and Australia is a proposition unique and complex enough to warrant a book devoted to the subject in its own right.

What I came to appreciate in regards to women’s soccer in New World nations is the scale and diversity of the sport. Although I consider myself a fan of women’s soccer, I am by no means fluent in the conversation. The topic was an undertaking I felt ill prepared to comment on with any real confidence and for the most part still don’t. There is plenty of evidence to indicate sufficient variances between the two versions of the sport to the extent that any recommendations made in regards to the men’s game cannot be held to be automatically true for women’s soccer. Read More


Not as far as New World soccer is concerned at any rate. “If only we had more money…” is a commonly uttered lamentation among New World soccer speculators. The crux of their argument being, with a boatload of extra cash to splash about, New World domestic soccer franchises could lure the finest Old World players to run roughshod in front of New World audiences, rather than in their own Old World backyards. With all the shiniest new bells and whistles chromed to the hilt and granted license to run amuck in the New World’s domestic leagues, soccer would have to blow up within their borders. With the pick of the athletic crop in their own backyard, folk in the New World would feel compelled to flock in unprecedented numbers to support the world game, at the expense of the established sports of their native lands. The sports media would trample over one another to throw copious quantities of cash at New World soccer for the rights to broadcast the finest soccer played anywhere on the globe to this newly acquired audience. With other potential sponsorship providers hot on their heels to write unhealthily fat checks in exchange for affiliation. The premise appears tight in theory. Unfortunately, in practice, there’s more holes in this particular line of thought than the average kitchen colander. Read More